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The brainchild behind Paramarthi, Ravi started his career when he was just 18. He worked in the Finance department in many companies, mostly from the plastic industry.

Honesty and a knack towards cleanliness are some of the traits Ravi inherited from his father, Sh. R.N. Tandon.

Ravi has been the torchbearer of Paramarthi's vision. With an inherent passion towards cleanliness, Ravi Tandon never fails to make the impossible possible!

While I always had an inclination towards cleanliness, I never got enough time and motivation to take a stand while I was working. Whenever we went on family holidays, we used to criticise our local authorities for not doing their job properly.

Things changed after my retirement when one day I took a Prayatan to do something myself instead of playing the blame game. This is how Paramarthi was born. A prayatan to restore Dwarka’s original beauty.

Our prayatan is to make Dwarka the cleanest city in Delhi by first cleaning and then maintaining the city on a daily basis.

Ravi Tandon

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