What & How we do


Finding Locations

With the help of members of Association and our personal staff look around and note down the locations.


Personal Inspection

With the support of management team of Paramarthi, he himself marks all the areas and define job work.


Creating Awareness

We encourage people who live near by to come and become part of our drive.


Maintain Cleanliness

All the tools and equipment are given to the team to make the chosen area clean. And try to make the work memorable.

About Us

Welcome in
Paramarthi please rise your helping hand

In the beginning, it felt like it was my RIGHT to live in clean surroundings, then for a while it became an EXPECTATION, but when nothing happened, one day it finally became 'EK PRAYATAN'
Our Activities

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Street Wall Art

Dwarka Sector 11

area covered 0 m

Park Cleaning

Dwarka Sector 5

area covered 0 m

Street Painting

Dwarka Sector 9

area covered 0 m
What we did

Milestone achieved


39+ KM covered in Dwarka


99+ Societies in Dwarka


100+ Team Members


61+ Appreciation Letters


We can maintain all filthy & unhygienic areas. Aim to beautify Dwarka

We endeavour to have a clean neighbourhood and keep it maintained throughout the year with inspections and do-overs.

  • Contribute

    We thank all the donors for helping Paramarthi. Your money is well spent for a great cause.

  • Generate Employments

    More work means bigger team. Every organization stands on its strong pillars i.e. the team. At, Paramarthi, we need to hire a strong team which include people with different skill set to accomplish different tasks.

  • Countless Emotions

    There are few things, which cannot be calculated in figures, one of them is Emotions. The smiles of the faces of the residents are priceless, when they see and appreciate the efforts to make their surrounding clean.

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Parmarthi events

20 July 2018

Tree Plantation

In Association with DDA

08 July 2018

Chipko Movements

Organized by Green Circle

29 June 2018

Blood Donation

Arranged by Aakash Healthcare

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